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Head and Neck

We do research on headache epidemiology, genetics, clinical symptomatology and management, as well as genetics of inherited neuropathies.

In the future we aim to improve the diagnosis and treatment of headache and Carhcot-Marie-Tooth disease.


  • Epidemiology – prevalence of tension-type headache, migraine including menstrual migraine without aura and menstruel migraine with aura, and secondary chronic headaches
  • Genetics – tension-type headache, migraine without aura, migraine with aura and cluster headache
  • Clinical – improved description of menstruel migraine without aura and menstruel migraine with aura
  • Management – medication overuse headache, and chiropractic treatment of cervicogenic headache and migraine

Inherited neuropathies

  • Genetics – Identification of Charcot-Marie-Tooth genes in the Norwegian population


  • Chiropractic treatment of headache - developing methods for blinding in manuel therapy studies, treatment of cervicogen headaches and migraine
  • Menstrual migraine - epidemiology, clinical description and developing methods to better Diagnostics
  • Medication overuse headache  - development of treatment that can ble applied in general practice without the major costs associated with this.

Elected publications

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  • Kristoffersen ES, Straand J, Vetvik KG, Benth JŠ, Russell MB, Lundqvist C. Brief intervention for medication-overuse headache in primary care. The BIMOH study: a double-blind pragmatic cluster randomised parallel controlled trial. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2015; 86: 505-12.
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