Genetic and epigenetic errors in the development of colorectal cancer as the basis for new diagnostics and treatment

This is a translational project.

All patients with colorectal cancer are included in the prospective registration of clinical and pathological findings at the time of diagnosis and then followed up with checks for five years. Nearly 3000 patients treated at Oslo University Hospital, Aker (1993-20112) and Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål since 2012 have been included.

From all patients who underwent removal of the tumor, a tissue microarray (TMA)  of formalin-fixed tumor tissue (n = 1500) was made. Since 2005, fresh frozen tumor tissues has been obtained from a total of more than 600 patients. Since 2009, blood samples have also been taken and from some patients also faeces samples. From 2013 biobanking of tumor tissue from liver metastases.

We are looking for diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and monitoring biomarkers. Comparative studies of primary tumor and metastases regarding heterogeneity are being conducted. The project includes deep sequencing.

We participate in the national program for personalized cancer medicine.

We have several innovation projects on biomarkers, and a total of eight patents.

Published Aug. 7, 2014 3:06 PM - Last modified Aug. 27, 2014 1:44 PM


Leader of clinical part

Leader of molecular gentics