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Biochemical endocrinology and metabolism

The aim of our research group is to explore metabolic aberrations in endocrine diseases for the identification and validation of new biomarkers.

Endocrine and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, adrenal diseases and osteoporosis are major causes of morbidity and mortality.

The challenges are to identify persons at risk, implement therapeutic and preventive measures and monitor effects of these actions.

Adequate diagnostics and follow-up of treatment depend heavily on biomarkers in blood, urine, tears and saliva.

We use transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic approaches in close collaboration with the Deptartment of Endocrinology, Oslo University Hospital.


We work on a number of projects in different research fields. 

Finding new biomarkers


  • Proteomic / metabolomic profiling of human insulin producing cells aiming at discovering biomarkers for cell mass / function
  • Posttranslational modification of albumin in diabetes and late complications of diabetes

Thyroid disease

  • Prospective evaluation of biomarkers of tear fluid in Graves ophtalmopathy
  • Metabolomic profiling of tear fluid in Graves ophtalmopathy

Basal studies

  • Functional studies of genetic modifications in thyroid hormone resistance
  • Proteomic / metabolomic profiling of human fat tissue
  • Proteomic / metabolomic profiling of human bone marrow
  • Gene expression of vitamin D stimulated insulin producing cells
  • Metabolomic profiling of hyperglycemic clamp in humans
  • Proteomic profiling of CSF in narcolepsy

Other projects

  • Influence of estrogen supplementations on cortisol measurements in humans
  • Steroid profiling in congenital adrenal hyperplasia
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Group leader


  • Jens Petter Berg
  • May L Bredahl
  • Vigdis Enge
  • Finn Erik Aas
  • Ellen Marie Haave
  • Louise Koren Dahll
  • Sara Hammerstad
  • Cecilie Aas
  • Milaim Pepaj
  • Anne Nærby
  • Nina Gjerlaugsen
  • Sandra Rinne Dahl
  • Kristine Kollerøs Panton
  • Mette Eskild Bornstedt
  • Benedicte Marie Jørgenrud
Detailed list of participants