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Eira Bjørvik

Eira Bjørvik is candidate to represent academic staff/professor II on fixed-term contracts in the board of Faculty of Medicine period 01.01.2020–31.12.2020.

Photo of Eira Bjørvik, stipendiat ved UiO

Eira Bjørvik. Foto: UiO

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow 

Work Place: Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences,  Institute of Health and Society

Campaining for

  • an evaluation of the Faculty budget model and cost allocation system

  • more predictable career paths for PhD and Postdocs

  • quality in the PhD- and Postdoc programs

  • co-location of the Institute of Health and Society

  • an increase in the number of interdisciplinary meeting places

  • closer collaboration between administration and scientific staff on all levels

  • commitment to interdisciplinarity in both teaching and research

  • that the Faculty recognizes that social, emotional, and physical well-being is essential to academic success, therefore planning an adequate program to ensure the health needs of the Faculty’s diverse student and employee population is called for

Proposal set by

  • Kaja Kvaale
  • Birgit Kvernflaten
  • Hilde Ousland Vandeskog
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