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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Marta Lorens-Thommesen Lorens-Thommesen, Marta Senior Adviser +47 22845830 Research administration, Research support
Picture of Gunnar Fredrik Lothe Lothe, Gunnar Fredrik +47 22851285 Drawing, Graphic design, Photo, Photography
Picture of Hans-Jørgen Lund Lund, Hans-Jørgen Section Manager +47 22859207
Picture of Katrine Persgård Lund Lund, Katrine Persgård Head Engineer
Picture of Steinar Lund Lund, Steinar Executive Officer +47 22850622 Invoices, Administration, Voucher
Picture of Elin Lunde Lunde, Elin Senior Adviser Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Knut Lundin Lundin, Knut Professor +47 23072388 +47-90980325 Education
Picture of Amund Smidt Lysaker Lysaker, Amund Smidt Adviser +47 22845808
Picture of Lill Kathrine Løvendahl Løvendahl, Lill Kathrine Adviser +47 22845392 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Picture of Line Løw Løw, Line Senior Adviser +47 22850625 Project management, Project coordination, EU project management, Global Health, Administration, Forskerstøtte MED
Maclachlan, Mary Catherine Senior Engineer
Picture of Jeanette H. Magnus Magnus, Jeanette H. Director Centre for Global Health +4740493490
Magnusson, Ola Anders Senior Adviser +47 22845046 Administration, Student guidance, Exchange, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Admissions, International Cooperation, Joint Degree, Courses
Picture of Martin Maier Maier, Martin Adviser 59239
Picture of Kristine Mangerud Mangerud, Kristine Senior Adviser +47 94802025 94 80 20 25 Web editor, Web publishing, Web statistics, SEO
Picture of Therese Standal Markl Markl, Therese Standal Principal Engineer
Picture of Kjersti Normann Markussen Markussen, Kjersti Normann Head Engineer
Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47 22851295
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47 22851295
Picture of Karin Ekholt Mc Adam Mc Adam, Karin Ekholt Head Engineer
Michalsen, Benedikte Olsen Adviser 90057558
Picture of Kristoffer Midtgaard Midtgaard, Kristoffer Head Engineer +47 22859225 +47 93088959 IT support
Picture of Doriana Misceo Misceo, Doriana Senior Engineer
Picture of Mari Elisabeth Mjøen Mjøen, Mari Elisabeth Adviser +47 22845047 Student guidance
Picture of Nina Modahl Modahl, Nina Adviser +47 22840680 Human resources administration