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Faculty Staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Riaz Ahmed Ahmed, Riaz Executive Officer +47 22845338 Mail room, Service functions
Picture of Ivar Alver Alver, Ivar Senior Executive Officer +47 22845333 Research administration, Reporting, PhD
Picture of Espen Lyng Andersen Andersen, Espen Lyng Senior Adviser +47 22845801 Accounts, Reporting, safety and environment, Health, Local working environment committee (LWEC), Safety organization, Financial management, Finance, Budget
Picture of Borghild Margrethe Arntsen Arntsen, Borghild Margrethe Senior Adviser +47 22845806 +47 46542905
Picture of Mahmood Ayaz Ayaz, Mahmood Senior Adviser +47 22859214 90811155 Research support, Research administration, External funding, EU funding, EU, Nettpublisering
Picture of Jens Petter Berg Berg, Jens Petter Pro-Dean for research +47-23027251 +47-48496950
Picture of Niclas Johan Marius Berger Berger, Niclas Johan Marius Senior Adviser +47 22851437 +47 41378717 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Hanne Bjerknes Bjerknes, Hanne Senior Adviser +47 98609171
Bremer, Merethe Senior Adviser +47 22856353 +47 95209393 Research administration, Research training, Regulations, Statistics, Research school, PhD, Doctoral program
Picture of Linn  Bævre Bævre, Linn Senior Adviser HR +47-91855211
Picture of Mari Corell Corell, Mari Senior Adviser +47 22856360 +47 98472085 +47 98472085 PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Picture of Nele De Vos De Vos, Nele Adviser +47 22851104 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Eivind Engebretsen Engebretsen, Eivind Professor and Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies 22 84 53 52 92 42 52 31 SDGs, Knowledge Translation, Text Analysis, Theory of Knowledge, Evidence based medicine
Evenstad, Selma Principal Engineer
Picture of Halvor Fahle Fahle, Halvor Senior Adviser +47 22845802 Accounts, Financial managment, Budget, Checking program
Frammarsvik, Stian Adviser +47 22844704 92626517 PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Picture of Mette Frydendal Frydendal, Mette Senior Adviser +47 22845319 +47 91657772
Picture of Gaute Frøisland Frøisland, Gaute Section Manager +47 22845832 +47 97795578
Picture of Sverre Daniel Gaupås Gaupås, Sverre Daniel Adviser +47 22851126
Picture of Ivar Prydz Gladhaug Gladhaug, Ivar Prydz Dean +47 228 50535 +47 405 53 960
Picture of Tiril Grimeland Grimeland, Tiril Adviser +47 22845846 +47 45845188 Examination, Student administration, Practice
Picture of Jan Borge Guttulsrud Guttulsrud, Jan Borge Senior Engineer +47 22857867 Digital learning resources, E-learning
Picture of Trude Irene Hamnes Hamnes, Trude Irene Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Nisha Haroon Haroon, Nisha Executive Officer +47-22845040 (09.00–10.30) PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Picture of Christina Bergstad Heesch Heesch, Christina Bergstad Senior Adviser +47 22851140 +47 92456870