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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Solmaz Rahnamaei Sadigh Azar Rahnamaei Sadigh Azar, Solmaz Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Veslemøy Ramsfjell Ramsfjell, Veslemøy Senior Adviser +47 47293642 Research support, Research administration, Calls, External funding, EU funding, EU, Web publishing, ERC, Grant application, Scientia Fellows, COFUND
Picture of Toril Ranneberg Nilsen Ranneberg Nilsen, Toril Senior Engineer
Picture of Merita Emini Raza Raza, Merita Emini Adviser +47 22850611 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Knut Arvid Sørensen Rekdahl Rekdahl, Knut Arvid Sørensen Senior Engineer +47 22851129 +47 98644331 Purchasing, Purchaser
Picture of Sindre Rian Rian, Sindre Senior Engineer +47 22845822 User administration, Local IT support, Applications, computer, mobile
Picture of Nina Richartz Richartz, Nina Researcher
Picture of Joseph Mark Robertson Robertson, Joseph Mark Senior Adviser +47 22840941
Picture of Anita Robøle Robøle, Anita Section Manager +47 22845849 +47 99011171 Management, Administration
Picture of Susan Rockwell Rockwell, Susan Senior Adviser +47 22850507 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, regulations, HR-system, Absence, Leave of absence, Salary
Picture of Jorge Alberto Rodas Foeller Rodas Foeller, Jorge Alberto Head Engineer
Picture of Gabriella Renee Rodriguez Rodriguez, Gabriella Renee Senior Executive Officer centre for global health
Picture of Carlos Romeo Rodríguez Rodríguez, Carlos Romeo Senior Executive Officer +47 22840500 +47 95205142 UiO-noark, Oracle, Cristin, Signs and directions, ePhorte, Mail and postage, Voucher, Reimbursements, Certificates, Invoices, Basware, Reception, Purchasing, Mail room
Picture of Reidar Rognlien Rognlien, Reidar Senior Adviser +47 22845876 +47 93050121
Picture of Ellen Rosenberg Rosenberg, Ellen Adviser +47-23074367
Picture of Silje Marie Kile Rosseland Rosseland, Silje Marie Kile Senior Adviser +47 22845302 Internal communication, Press contact, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication, Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication
Picture of Elin Olaug Rosvold Rosvold, Elin Olaug Pro-Dean for Medical Studies +47 93265327
Picture of Anne-Kristin Jørgensen Ruud Ruud, Anne-Kristin Jørgensen Adviser Project economy, reimbursements and other payments, Financial managment, Reporting, Budget and applications, Project management
Picture of Evelyn Voss Rygnestad Rygnestad, Evelyn Voss Senior executive officer 22851384 Anatomical Donation Program, Anatomy classes, The Schreiner Collection, Travel Reimbursement, UiO’s Emergency Call Center, Dissertation Defense
Picture of Oxana Rødnes Rødnes, Oxana Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Linda Kristin Røine Røine, Linda Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22844652 FS, Student administration, Network, Syllabus, Programme descriptions
Picture of Silje Asheim Saddique Saddique, Silje Asheim Adviser +47 41365918 Administration, Organized research training (doctoral programme), PhD, Theses/dissertations, Trial lecture, Disputation
Picture of Ellen Margaret Lund Sagen Sagen, Ellen Margaret Lund Senior Engineer
Picture of Malgorzata Magdalena Sak Sak, Malgorzata Magdalena Senior Executive Officer (+47) 23079020 (office) Purchasing, Invoices, eOmpostering, Sending invoices, Research Seminars
Picture of Sophia Vasiliou Madi Salicath Salicath, Sophia Vasiliou Madi Higher Executive Officer +47 22851559 +47 90535126 Economy control, Photo room, Dry ice, Bio-Rad refrigerator, Invoices, Purchaser