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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Sylvi Anita Varsi Øien Varsi Øien, Sylvi Anita Adviser +47-22856907 Human resources administration
Picture of Bente Irene Hafstad Vasbotten Vasbotten, Bente Irene Hafstad Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Ingeborg Helle Vedde Vedde, Ingeborg Helle Senior Executive Officer +47 47884602
Picture of Kristin Vekterud Vekterud, Kristin Head Engineer
Picture of Juan Carlos Veloso Gutierrez Veloso Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Cleaner
Picture of Mette Diana Vidnes Vidnes, Mette Diana Adviser +47 22845813 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Kyrre Vigestad Vigestad, Kyrre Adviser +47 22855279 Communication, Press contact, Media survey, Research communication, Web editor, Content management, Web statistics, Internal communication
Picture of Veronika Vimberg Vimberg, Veronika Senior Adviser +47 22859224 Research support, Research administration, Contracts, External funding, Legal counselling
Picture of Roman Volchenkov Volchenkov, Roman Senior Adviser Research support
Vujovic, Snezana Popovic Senior Executive Officer +47 22852324
Picture of Malin Solli Wandem Wandem, Malin Solli Section Manager +47 22857695 Management, Research administration, Research support, External funding, EU, Regulations
Picture of Jon Ingvar Wedervang Wedervang, Jon Ingvar Senior Engineer +47 22851251 Local IT support, Network, Applications, Printing, E-mail
Picture of Ellen Elisabeth Westgaard Westgaard, Ellen Elisabeth Senior executive officer 67968854 HR-portal, Cristin, Purchasing, IT support for research, Basware
Picture of Anne Westheim Westheim, Anne Senior Adviser +47 22845819 +47 41270638 International Cooperation, Mobility, Student and Academic Administration, Exchange, Admissions
Picture of Lisbeth Hagen Winer Winer, Lisbeth Hagen Administrative Manager
Picture of Ada Merethe Winge Winge, Ada Merethe Senior Executive Officer +47 22850504 reimbursements and other payments, Salary, advances
Picture of Kristin Wium Wium, Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22851572 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education
Picture of Tor Henry Wold Wold, Tor Henry Section Manager +47 22859212 +47 90762645 IT support
Picture of Stine Malene Hansen Wøien Wøien, Stine Malene Hansen Principal Engineer +47 22840562 Laboratory work
Picture of Kine Yttersian Yttersian, Kine Administrative Manager HR system, Appointments, Regulations, Recruitment
Picture of Mikael Zeiner Zeiner, Mikael Adviser Reporting, Project management, Project economy, Financial management, Budget and applications
Picture of Jianying Zhang Zhang, Jianying Principal Engineer
Picture of Yan Zhang Zhang, Yan Senior Engineer
Picture of Yan Zhen Zhen, Yan Adviser
Picture of André Øien Øien, André Senior Engineer +47 22858845 +47 90580317 Local IT support, IT support for research, Administrative IT services