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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Trond Farestveit Erstad Erstad, Trond Farestveit Head Engineer +47 22851109
Picture of Qin Ying Esbensen Esbensen, Qin Ying Senior Engineer
Picture of Bonny Alexandre Etté Etté, Bonny Alexandre Senior Adviser +47 22851425 +47 992 36 939 Project management, Research support, Budget and applications, Project economy, Reporting
Picture of Selma Evenstad Evenstad, Selma Principal Engineer E-learning, Digital learning resources, Drawing, Animation
Picture of Halvor Fahle Fahle, Halvor Senior Adviser +47 22845802 Accounts, Financial managment, Budget, Checking program
Picture of Morten Fahle Fahle, Morten Senior Engineer +47 22851240 Local IT support
Picture of Ali Fakheri Fakheri, Ali Head Engineer
Picture of Erik Fedde Fedde, Erik Senior Executive Officer +47 22859223
Fedorova, Tatiana Adviser +47 22854303
Picture of Marion Renfang Fierro Fierro, Marion Renfang Adviser +47 22851574 +47 47258177 Economical reports, project economy, budget and applications, Research support
Fjørtoft, Silje Adviser +47 22856413 +47 98096256
Picture of Cathrine Flesche Flesche, Cathrine Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Helene Fondevik Fondevik, Helene Senior Adviser +47 22851403 +47 41932169 Research support
Picture of Maria Foss Foss, Maria Administrative Manager +47 45425649 23074357
Picture of Stian Frammarsvik Frammarsvik, Stian Adviser +47 22844704 PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Picture of Tiril Fredriksen Fredriksen, Tiril Adviser
Picture of Anna Frengen Frengen, Anna Senior Engineer - Department of Clinical Molecular Biology +47 67 96 39 30 +47 46 46 77 93
Picture of Mina Martine Frey Frey, Mina Martine Head Engineer +47 22851195
Picture of Helle Fritzsønn Fritzsønn, Helle Adviser +47 22850518
Picture of Mette Frydendal Frydendal, Mette Senior Adviser +47 22845319 +47 91657772
Picture of Gaute Frøisland Frøisland, Gaute Section Manager +47 22845832 +47 97795578
Picture of Alexandra Gade Gade, Alexandra Senior Engineer +47 22844130
Picture of Tanzila Borisovna Gagieva Gagieva, Tanzila Borisovna Adviser
Picture of Sverre Daniel Gaupås Gaupås, Sverre Daniel Adviser +47 22851126
Picture of Ebba Giil Giil, Ebba Adviser