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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Oxana Rødnes Rødnes, Oxana Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Linda Kristin Røine Røine, Linda Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22844652 FS, Student administration, Network, Syllabus, Programme descriptions
Picture of Dagrun Brekke Sagafos Sagafos, Dagrun Brekke
Picture of Ellen Lund Sagen Sagen, Ellen Lund Senior Engineer +47 23072788
Picture of Malgorzata Magdalena Sak Sak, Malgorzata Magdalena Senior Executive Officer +47 23071341 Purchasing, Invoices, Reimbursements, eOmpostering, Sending invoices, Voucher-based salaries, Web Publishing, Research Seminars
Picture of Siri Sakya Sakya, Siri Principal Engineer
Picture of Sophia Salicath Salicath, Sophia Higher Executive Officer +47 22851559 +47 90535126 Economy control, Photo room, Dry ice, Bio-Rad refrigerator, Invoices, Purchaser
Picture of Kristin Larsen Sand Sand, Kristin Larsen Head Engineer +47 22851204 +4793674280 Laboratory work, Cell culturing, Microscopy, Purchasing, Flow cytometry, Training
Picture of Marit Sandvik Sandvik, Marit Secretary +47 22851389 Purchaser, Protein analysis, Laboratory operation, Molecular biology techniques
Picture of Camilla Schjalm Schjalm, Camilla Senior Engineer
Picture of Sebastian Schultz Schultz, Sebastian Senior Engineer
Picture of Iren Sefland Sefland, Iren Principal Engineer +47 22851602
Picture of Gjøril Seierstad Seierstad, Gjøril Executive Officer +47 22851188 Mail and postage, Reception
Picture of Magnus Seierstad Seierstad, Magnus Senior Adviser +47 22845315 +47 98180886 Project management, International Cooperation, External funding, EU, Reporting, Research administration, Research support
Picture of Andrea Sembenini Sembenini, Andrea Adviser +47 22851034 Finance, Budget, Reporting, Forecasting, Research support
Picture of Elisabeth Kolflaath Semprini Semprini, Elisabeth Kolflaath Adviser +47 22859209 Web publishing, Web editor, Research communication, Communication, Administrative IT services, Safety organization
Picture of Rao Shreyas Shreyas, Rao Principal Engineer +47 22851448 Electron microscopy, qPCR, Molecular biology, light microscopy, Microscopy
Picture of Astrid Siegmund-Breivik Siegmund-Breivik, Astrid Senior Adviser +47 22845803 +47 99519012 Purchasing
Picture of Liv Ingunn Bjoner Sikkeland Sikkeland, Liv Ingunn Bjoner Senior Engineer +47 23072997 +47 99251051
Picture of Marianne Skeie Skeie, Marianne Head Engineer +47 23074065 Epidermal Growth Factor receptor family, endocytosis, intracellular transport
Skinnes, Ragnhild Head Engineer
Picture of Birgit Skjelvik Skjelvik, Birgit Principal Engineer +47 22859013 +47 93667822 +4793667822 +47 93 66 78 22 Arrangementer, Disputas
Picture of Vidar Magne Skulberg Skulberg, Vidar Magne Head Engineer +47 23016820
Picture of Kristin Nordskogen Smeby Smeby, Kristin Nordskogen Principal Engineer +47 22840210
Solheim, Hilde Principal Engineer