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High-Throughput Chemical Biology Screening Platform

Discover small molecules to probe, explore and modulate biological systems.

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  • High-throughput screening of small molecules. Projects can use our own in-house collections (total of 68,000 compounds) or those supplied by the customer
  • Assay development assistance
  • Data management
  • Computational chemistry services offered via the Bergen NOR-openscreen node (only for academic users). Visit: for more details.


Price list (pdf) for the High-Throughput Chemical Biology Screening Platform


Detection Platforms

  •  BioTek Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
    • Filter and monochromator based detection, stacker, barcode reader, 2 channel dispenser
    • AlphaScreen™, luminescence, fluorescence intensity (FI), fluorescence polarization (FP), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), UV-visible absorbance
  •  PerkinElmer EnVision®
    • Filter and monochromator based detection, stacker, barcode reader, 2 channel dispenser
    • AlphaScreen™, luminescence, fluorescence intensity (FI), fluorescence polarization (FP), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), absorbance
  •  Molecular Devices FLIPR384 Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader
    • Cell-based assay system to measure intracellular calcium flux or membrane potential changes typically used for GPCR and Ion Channel HTS. The FLIPR™ can read at sub-second intervals, which enables the kinetics of the response to be captured, and has an integrated pipettor that may be programmed for successive liquid additions.
  •  IntelliCyt iQue Screener PLUS
    • High throughput flow cytometer 96- and 384-well format
    • 3 lasers (violet 405 nm with 6 detectors, blue 488 nm with 5 detectors and red 640 nm with 2 detectors)
    • Multiparameter analysis of cell surface markers, cytokines, transcription factors and phosphoproteins and cell cycle analysis

Liquid Handling

  • LABCYTE Access™ Laboratory Workstation integrating:
    • LABCYTE Echo 550 acoustic dispenser (accurate tip-free dispensing of compounds, DNA, antibodies, reagents, proteins, peptides etc. as low as 2.5 nL to and from any well of microplates)
    • PerkinElmer EnVision® 2104 Multilabel Plate Reader
    • BioTek MultiFlo FX dispenser/washer
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Cytomat Cell Incubator
    • Plate centrifuge
    • Agilent PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Sealer
    • Brooks FluidX® XPeel® Automated Microplate DeSealer
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek i7

    • Liquid handling robot with 96/384 exchangeable multichannel pipetting head and 8 single channels
    • Integrated Agilent microplate centrifuge

Compound storage

  • Roylan StoragePod
    • MultiPod with 2 “San Francisco” and 3 “Short Dundee” pods
    • Humidity controlled nitrogen atmosphere

Other Instrumentation

  • Biotek EL406 plate washer and dispenser with BioStack 4 Microplate Stacker
  • Eppendorf microplate centrifuge
  • Barcode printing and reading


With our dotmatics database system we can provide results in our standard format or one customised for your own set-up. Even if you don't have your own database we can provide you with remote access to our Dotmatics server allowing you to query and analyse your own results. For file transfer we provide encrypted VPN access to our secure server.


Diverse Collections

(bioactive and chemically diverse drug-like molecules)

  • Enamine (28500 compounds)
  • Chembridge (~17000 compounds)
  • ChemDiv (~17000 compounds)

Biologically annotated collections

  • SelleckChem, Cambridge Cancer Compound Library (384 compounds)
  • SelleckChem, Bioactive Compound Library (987 compounds)
  • SelleckChem, Kinase Inhibitor Library (341 compounds)
  • SelleckChem, Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors L1800 (170 compounds)
  • Prestwick, FDA/EMA Approved Drugs (1200 compounds)
  • Prestwick, POM, Original Molecules (344 compounds)
  • Sigma, LOPAC (1280 compounds)
  • Enzo, Target and Pathway Libraries (549 compounds)
  • Tocris, Tocriscreen Mini, Bioactives (1120 compounds)
  • Asinex, Protein-Protein Interaction (1009 compounds)
  • BioMol, Kinase Inhibitors (80 compounds)
  • BioMol, Bioactives (79 compounds)

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Johannes Landskron (on leave)
Head of Facility
Phone: +47 22 84 05 09

Alexandra Gade
Senior Engineer
Phone: +47 22 84 41 30

Eirin Solberg
Principal Engineer
Phone: +47 22 84 05 13

Visiting address

Building E, 3rd floor
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