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Compulsory courses and seminars

There are no course fees, but you must register before the application deadline of each course. 

Registration and application deadlines

Studentweb opens for registration:

  • 1 June for the autumn term
  • 1 December for the spring term

Application deadlines:

  • See information in the course description of each course

Answer to application for admission to courses:

  • MF9010E Intro I: Applicants will receive an answer in Studentweb as soon as the application is registered
  • MF9030E Intro II: Applicants will receive an answer in Studentweb and by e-mail approximately 1 week after the application deadline

Compulsory PhD courses

The compulsory part of the PhD programme consists of 10 credits and consists of the following introductory courses:

The courses are restricted to PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Oslo (UiO), in addition to students at the Medical Student Research Programme at UiO.

Compulsory attendance the first day of INTRO I 

From spring 2015 all new PhD candidates must attend the first day of the Introductory course, INTRO I. This first day is compulsory for both the PhD candidates and their principal supervisors.

The aim of the compulsory first day is to provide information about the PhD programme at the Faculty of Medicine, including rules and regulations regarding application and admission to the programme, PhD training and completion, compulsory PhD courses and research schools. Information about duties and responsibilities of both PhD candidate and principal supervisor is also given.

Attendance the first day of the course is a compulsory part of the course MF9010E - INTRO I at the Faculty of Medicine. Attendance will be registered. MF9010E will not be approved before the first day of the course is registered as completed. Supervisor attendance is not a prerequisite for the candidate to get INTRO I approved.

Invitations will be sent to candidates who are offered a place on MF9010E Introductory course to the medical PhD programme, INTRO I.

Information for supervisors

  • Attendance is compulsory for principal supervisors, but we also recommend that co-supervisors attend.
  • The requirement is that supervisors attend once during a 5 year period.
  • Candidate and supervisor do not have to attend the first day of INTRO I on the same day.

Courses in laboratory animal science

Courses in laboratory animal science, fulfilling requirements in the EU Directive 2010/63/EU, is compulsory for all candidates who are going to work on research projects involving animal testing and who cannot document that they are already qualified for the work. Courses that are approved as part of the orginzsed PhD education at UiO: 

Alternative practical training in handling and use of rodents within research groups will no longer substitute MF9495P, and will not give access to animal research units at UiO/OUS.

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