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Extensions and leaves of absence

All candidates must have a valid admission contract during their period on the PhD programme. You must apply for an extension if you are delayed in terms of the original end date.

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Information about the Coronavirus to PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine

For PhD candidates employed at UiO

If you are employed as a doctoral research fellow at the University of Oslo you will find information about topics such as salary, leaves of absence and extensions at the For employees pages.

Note that you must also apply for extensions and leaves of absence on the PhD programme.

For PhD candidates not employed at UiO

If you are employed at another institution than UiO, your employer will provide you with information about topics such as salary, leaves of absence and extensions.

Note that you must also apply for extensions and leaves of absence on the PhD programme.

Leaves of absence

Statutory leaves, including illness and childbirth, entitles you to automatic extension of your admission period within your original admission period (net 3 years). You must, however, forward confirmation from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), the social security office, hospital, your employer or any other relevant body that lists the duration and coverage of your leave.

Net time = 3 years using 100% of your working time on the PhD work minus any statutory leaves, sick leaves or part time work.

Send confirmation of leave of absence to the faculty either by e-mail or by post.

Your new period of admission will be registered in StudentWeb after the extension has been processed.

Application for extension of the admission period

You can apply only once (1) for an extension of admission after the original admission period is over, cf Section 5.3 of the Supplementary rules for the degree of PhD.

Candidates who have been granted extension(s) before 1 january 2020 can apply for one (1) extension more.

How to apply

You should apply for an extension at least three months before your admission period on the programme runs out.

Send the signed application form for extension (docx) (pdf) and attachemt to the faculty either by e-mail or by post.

Attachment to the application form:

  • Confirmation of funding during the extension period (e.g. copy of employment contract), or a statement regarding funding during the extension. If you do not have funding (e.g. because you are planning to work on your doctorate in your spare time or while you are one a leave), please enclose an explanation regarding this matter.

Extension of the admission period

Your application for extension can be granted if the department/institute recommends the extension and the faculty finds it realistic that you will be able to complete your PhD project during the extension period.

If the application is granted, the admission period will be extended by up to 3 years, regardless of the percentage you will be working on your PhD. The faculty determines the duration of the extension on the recommendation of the department/institute and an overall assessment of the application. NB! Extension of an extension will not be granted on grounds of statutory leaves, illnesses or part-time leaves.

Maximum time on the PhD programme

When you have been on the PhD programme in the original admission period (net 3 years) + 3 years (regardless of the percentage you have worked on your PhD), the maximum time on the programme is normally reached and all rights and obligations under the PhD agreement expire. This means that you lose the right to study, but you can still apply to the faculty for permission to submit the thesis for evaluation for the PhD degree.


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