Course: Communicating Research and Writing Grant Applications


The course consists of two parts:

Writing applications

This part of the course gives you advice on how to structure and write scientific proposals and reviews the differences in writing styles for scientific publications and proposals.  

These topics are included:

  • Find relevant funding opportunities and get an overview of their requirements.
  • Write an application 
  • Approach a call and be able to set up a scientific proposal.
  • Write an abstract
  • Compile a good CV
  • Collaborate with peers when writing applications
  • Understand impact and dissemination

Communication and dissemination

During this part of the course you will learn how to communicate and disseminate your research. You will learn how impact and communication are tied closely together and you will get several tools on how to reach relevant target groups.

These topics are included:

  • Make plans on communication regarding funding and projects
  • Disseminate research through social media
  • Be visible in the public dialogue

Expected learning outcomes 

  • Which are the relevant funding opportunities and what are their demands
  • How to approach a call and structure a scientific proposal 
  • Understanding the structure, presentation form and important elements of a good CV
  • How to identify relevant target groups
  • How to identify a relevant channel for your public outreach
  • How to make yourself visible in the public dialogue.

Course dates

Module 1: September 14th - 15th 2022

Module 2: October 19th- 21st 2022

The course will take place at Campus Blindern.


The course consists of seminars and teamwork with individual preparation. Signing up for the course, you are committed to attend all five days of the programme, including preparatory activities.


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