About the programme

Scientia Fellows is a research fellowship programme co-funded by the EU. It aims to enhance research excellence, internationalisation, mobility, career training, networking and cross-sectoral collaboration within health life sciences.

Scientia Fellows II is a continuation of the EU FP7 Scientia Fellows I (2014-2019) programme and has as its goal the stimulation and promotion of the training and career development of experienced researchers (post-PhD) through trans-national mobility to leading research environments in Health Life Sciences.

Scientia Fellows II is committed to support researchers by providing them excellent research environments with opportunities for career development of new - both research and transferable – skills. The programme supports innovation activities and cross-sectoral collaborations. All this contributes to the advancement of researchers’ careers and increases their employability.


  • Contribute to a structured and tailored academic career development of experienced researchers
  • Prepare fellows to meet Challenges in and outside academia
  • Offer a creative and stimulating learning environment
  • Be a flagship for career development of academic talents


  • Stimulate and promote the career development of experienced researchers who show considerable promise to be Europe’s future scientific leaders, through a comprehensive programme of trans-national mobility
  • Establish a post-doctoral programme consisting of incoming and outgoing fellowships worldwide characterised by scientific excellence in life sciences (translating basic and applied research for human health). 
  • Provide training designed to maximize the career prospects of the researchers by the development of translational, multidisciplinary research skills along with transferable skills including entrepreneurship, leadership, dissemination and management.
  • Support gaining experience in out of the academia research-related environments


  • Excellent research environments
  • International collaboration and networking
  • Cross-sectoral opportunities
  • Career advancement
  • Good working conditions
  • Access to research and transferable skills training
  • Access to special career development programmes: the Postdoctoral programme and School of Health Innovation

Scientia Fellows II will have three calls for applications.

Scientia Fellows in numbers

Scientia Fellows I (2014-2019)

  • 82 Fellows supported by the programme
  • 33 nationalities
  • 44 per cent women

Scientia Fellows II (2019 -2024)

  • Possibility for co-financing of over 100 fellowship positions

illustration showing benefits for researchers



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Grant agreement No 801133

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