About the programme

Scientia Fellows is a postdoctoral research fellowship programme in the field of Health Sciences launched and managed by the University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine.

DNA research is among the research thematic areas in Scientia Fellows. Illustration: Colourbox

Our programme aims to promote the life-long training and career development of researchers through international mobility to leading research institutions.

The programme is co-funded by the EU through FP7 Marie Curie Actions - People, Co-funding of Regional, National and International Programmes (COFUND). The programme provides 40 % of fellowship costs and each Host must supply the remaining 60 %.

Two types of fellowship schemes

  • Incoming – for postdoctoral researchers from all over the world willing to conduct their research work at the University of Oslo for 12-24 months.
  • Outgoing – for postdoctoral researchers, who apply to work in a host organisation outside of Norway for 12-24 months. The researcher will continue with a second phase at the University of Oslo for a period of 12 months.

Selected fellows will participate in on-going research in the host organisation while developing own projects.

Please check eligibility conditions at "Applying for fellowship" part of this website.

Employment conditions

A Fellow of the Scientia Fellows programme will be appointed under a fixed term employment contract with the University of Oslo. The place of work will depend on the Host institution location.

The salary of a Fellow will be calculated according to step 57 of the UiO system. Gross salary, with living and mobility allowances included, amounts to 483 700 NOK/year. This is approximately 57 600 EUR/year. The Employer's social security charges are already deducted.

The net salary will be paid after deductions of tax, when applicable. For a few postions a slightly higher pay grade is possible. Arranging additional health insurance is an advisable option for Fellows residing during their fellowship outside Norway.

In addition research support will amout to 68 000 NOK/year.

All amounts as for January 2016.


  • Career advancement
  • International collaboration
  • Good working conditions
  • Access to research training
  • Access to the Postdoctoral programme

Ethics issues

All research proposals must respect fundamental ethical principles. Both European FP7/Horizon 2020 and national ethics regulations of the country of the Host organisation have to be respected.

For more detailed information applicants are advised to consult this source provided by the European Commission: Ethics - H2020 Online Manual.

With the assistance of the Scientist in Charge at the Host, an applicant should identify and abide by any appropriate national regulations concerning ethical issues in research. A completed Ethics Issues table is a compulsory part of the application.

Scientia Fellows follow the EU FP7 ethics rule.

Intellectual Property Rights

UiO is providing employment contracts for the Fellows. Research results with a commercial potential will be governed by the general Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)-policy adopted by UiO.

Further details are provided in the Guide for Applicants.

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