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Access to IT resources as an assosiated user

You can access UiO IT resources even if you are not an employee or enrolled student by using an associated user account. See if you are eligible and how to apply.

Who can obtain an associated user account?

  • Principal supervisors for candidates in our PhD programme.
  • Approved emeritus at the faculty.
  • Invited visiting scholar at the University will be granted access during their stay.
  • Persons employed in departments that have an institutional agreement which includes access to a UiO account. You will still need to submit an application referring to the agreement. Such agreements are rare and apply only in special circumstances. The university hospitals do not have a general agreement with the University.
  • Other persons who are not an employee or student at the University, can apply for an account of the University if it is important for UiO's activities. Explain in your application what kind of resources and services you require with a university account, and for what purpose the account will be used.

How long is the account valid?

Associated user accounts will be valid for the time the applicant is performing their role for the University. A user account will be granted for a maximum of two years at a time. You will need to submit a new application for access to UiO's IT resources after this period if required.

Apply for an associated user account

The application must be fully completed and sent to the administration of the department you are affiliated:


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