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Student guidance

If you are an undergraduate student, you can contact MED Student Information to get information about your studies. If you have more complicated or detailed questions, you can also make an appointment for student guidance.

When and where

For an appointment with a student adviser you have to book in advance. The student guidance service takes place at the Department offering the course or the programme, or in the Section for Student Affairs. If you are a graduate student or an international exchange student, you need to contact your Department. To make an appointment you need to address yourself to the executive programme officer or student adviser of your programme or to MED Student Information.

What we can offer

We provide information about the different study programmes and subject combinations at the Faculty of Medicine, rules concerning approval of external education, exchange programmes abroad, leave of absence and regulations at the University of Oslo. As far as possible, we will offer advice to the individual student concerning studies and the study situation.

What we expect from you

Before meeting a student adviser, we expect that you have familiarized yourself with the written information on our web sites. By preparing yourself, you will get more out of your appointment with a student adviser. The Service Declaration at the University of Oslo provides a survey of what type of information and student guidance you can expect, as well as what the University of Oslo expects of you as a student.


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