Domus Medica

Domus Medica is the main teaching site for the first two years for medical, nutrition and dentistry students. Domus Medica is located at Gaustad, with Domus Odontologica and Rikshospitalet, part of Oslo University Hospital, as its immediate neighbours.


Domus Medica exterior
Photo: Gunnar Lothe

Study-related resources

  • The building has four reading rooms, three auditoriums, 12 group rooms, three dissection rooms, a histology room, a blood course room, seminar rooms and a photocopier for students.
  • The Orakel service offers IT help to students.

MED Student Information

The Student Information - MED-studieinfo - The greatest focus is on medicine, but it also provides general information about studies at the Faculty in general. Level 1 by Main entrance Nord.

Student Guidance – Guidance of fellow students with offices inside the MED-studieinfo. Separate opening hours.

The Section for Student Affairs

The Section for Student Affairs is located at Sogn Arena - This is where study issues that are mainly linked to the programme in medicine are dealt with. Administrative Coordinators (also referred to as Module Coordinators) for Module 1 and 2 are located at Domus Medica and can be contacted regarding teaching and scheduling. Other Module Coordinators have their offices at Oslo University Hospital - OUS, either at Rikshospitalet or Ullevål.

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