Eline Aas

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Phone +47 22845036
Visiting address Forskningsveien 3A Harald Schjelderups hus 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1089 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Research interest:

My research is related to economic evaluation of new interventions, both alongside clinical trials and Health Technology Assessments. In addition I work with end-of-life care, precision medicine, register data, health behavior, inequalities in health and screening.

Projects - PI: 

PRECISE – A health economic approach to evaluate uncertain evidence in personalised medicine (Nordforsk)

SAFE (Securing High-Quality Care for Cancer Patients at their End-of-Life)

Screening in a Health Economics Perspective.


Teaching - current

HEVAL5120 - Modeling in Economic Evaluation I

HEVAL5130 - Modeling in Economic Evaluation II

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