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Economic evaluation of health technologies

Economic evaluation involves methods to assess the cost-effectiveness of treatments, procedures, diagnostics, screening practices, healthcare delivery routes and technologies in a broad sense.

About the group

The theoretical underpinning for economic evaluation is the same for all applications. Typically, such evaluation is performed within trials or simulation models. Several published and ongoing projects involve development of methods, and valuation of costs and outcomes. We apply economic evaluation within a range of diseases such as cancer (e.g. breast, colorectal, lung), cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, orphan diseases and rheumatic diseases.

Even though we have published widely in the area of economic evaluation, we consider that we have made two important scientific contributions in recent years: First, we have shown that the value people attach to prolongation of life is a convex function of lifetime. This is in contrast to current methodological approaches that assume a linear function. Further research may pave the way for more appropriate methods in this area. Second, our research indicates that current methods for measuring quality of life may be flawed, and possibly better methods can be developed.


  • Oslo University Hospital, in particular the Intervention Centre at Rikshospitalet
  • The Norwegian Knowledge Centre and its Health Technology Assessment (HTA) group Academic programmes and courses
  • University of York, UK
  • University of Sheffield, UK
  • University of Bristol, UK
  • Linköping University, Sverige
  • DEAKIN University, Australia
  • University of Turku
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health 
  • The Norwegian Medicines Agency
  • Various Norwegian hospitals, such as: 
    • Vestfold
    • Ahus
    • Vestre Viken
    • Oslo University Hospital
    • Haukeland
  • Various Norwegian municipalities, such as:
    • Moss
    • Stange
    • Oslo
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