Digital Health Promotion

Digital inclusion is a key for health, education and meaningful work. Connecting developing economies with free access to information through the alliance of IT, Telecom, Academia, and public sector partners will create the partnership for achieving the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG 2030).

Beware of Coronavirus is created with support from RELIGHT. The Story of Tapeworms, The Story of HIV, The Story of Tuberculosis and The Story of Anthrax are created with support from The Digi Project

Health Videos in English

Beware of Coronavirus

The Story of Tapeworms

The Story of HIV

The Story of Tuberculosis

The Story of Anthrax

Health Videos in Swahili

Hadithi ya Tegu

Hadithi ya VVU/Ukimwi

Hadithi ya Kifua Kikuu

Hadithi ya Kimeta


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