Get Involved & Open Calls

WGH Norway is a national movement and extends the invitation for organizing local events and activities including the Annual Conference, if interested. 

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Speakers and panelists at the WGH Norway Launch, 2018 Photo: Øystein Horgmo, UiO

Get Involved

  • Join WGH Norway as a member
  • Participate in an ongoing global campaign or a national 50/50 Task force
  • Organize a local event or activity
    • Suggestions:
      • Establish a dialogue on SDG 3 (health) and SDG 5 (gender): how to improve linkages between SDG 3 and SDG 5 including research, analysis, advocacy
      • Coordinate WGH networking meetings (e.g. meet & greet)
  • Host panel discussions or invite speakers to upcoming global health events
  • Contribute your expertise and experience as a mentor to the next generation
  • Apply to assist with the organization of the WGH Norway Annual Conference (see below)
  • Get in Touch
    • To ensure all activities align with the WGH Norway mission and vision, please contact the WGH Norway Secretariat with a program, date and place for your event idea.
  • Branding
    • All branding for WGH Norway should include the appropriate logos, which can be provided by the Secretariat.
  • Local Initiatives
    • Local initiatives should be featured as a WGH Norway event. 
  • Promotion
    • For promotion of events and activities, the Secretariat will assist with exposure via the WGH Norway social media and webpage.

Open Calls

The WGH Norway Secretariat is currently hosted by the Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo. Each year, the WGH Norway Secretariat opens a call for interest from the Norwegian landscape to be appointed as an ad-hoc Taskforce that will assist in the organization of the next Annual Conference. 

Call of interest description

  • Format: The conference is a ½ to full day meeting to be organized for the Fall in Norway
  • Form an organizing committee together with the Secretariat: The organizing committee is responsible for determining date, location, theme, overall structure, content including the program and invited speakers. 
  • Support from WGH Norway: The conference will be supported by the WGH Norway Secretariat by it being part of the organizing committee (there is no budgetary allocation to this call).
  • Self-funding: The conference will have to be based on self-funding from the participants or through a funding mechanism organized by the organizing committee.
  • To apply, please send a letter of interest to 

To be considered an organizer of the next WGH Norway Annual Conference, candidates:

  • should be committed to taking the co-responsibility of organizing the annual event with support from the Secretariat;
  • have planned an organizational committee comprised with individuals registered as members of WGH Norway;
  • should be fluent in written and spoken English (all WGH Norway meetings and communications are conducted in English to be inclusive for all).


WGH Norway Secretariat:

Ingeborg K. Haavardsson

Gabriella Rodriguez

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