Afternoon Tea Conversation with Eva Turk

WGH Norway is highlighting members of its Advisory Group and enhancing awareness of gender equity in global health leadership nationally.

Welcome to the Afternoon Tea Conversations with WGH Norway!

We welcome you to grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the next interview part of the series introducing the WGH Norway Advisory Group. Meet Eva Turk as she discusses her journey to becoming a health systems researcher. As a researcher, Eva's driving force is to explore ways to increase the quality of life for patients and discover ways that health systems can be created so that it is accessible and equal for all. She introduces Gravitate Health - a project and public-private partnership with 39 members with the mission of equipping and empowering citizens with digital information tools. Finally, she offers her words of wisdom to the next generation and reflects on the importance of seeking out a mentor early in your career. Having a mentor and seeking out information will assist with making informed decisions, which will lead to a path of opportunities and hopefully success. Watch the full interview!

About Eva Turk

As a health systems researcher, Eva Turk desires to find and implement safe and sustainable healthcare delivery models globally through co-creation and smart technologies and digital solutions. She has 15 years experience in health systems research, currently working as senior researcher in Gravitate Health project led by University of Oslo. She is also an associate professor working on task shifting, digital health, ethics in AI and digital health literacy at the University of South- East Norway. Her research has been focused on person centered care, digital health, patient safety, health technology assessment and quality of life. She teaches Public Health at the Medical Faculty, University in Maribor and is Public Health delegate - Emergency Response Unit with the Norwegian Red Cross. Eva serves as a Board member  of Polytekniske Forening- Helse, Women in Global Health Norway and is a member of the Expert Council at the Slovenian Digital Health Innovation Lab. 

Eva holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and a PhD in Health Sciences. Originally from Slovenia, she has studied, lived and worked in Austria, Japan, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Syria and Norway. She believes that knowledge transfer, capacity building, motivation and empowerment through education represent a cornerstone for improving the society, therefore, she founded SanAstra Foundation, dedicated to improve digital health literacy. Apart from the healthcare expertise, Eva is passionate about the sustainable development and the SDGs, in particular SDG 5, Gender Equality. As the President of Professional Women's Network Norway, she is contributing to raising awareness about gender balanced leadership and opportunities for empowering female professionals.

Published Feb. 9, 2022 4:05 PM - Last modified Feb. 9, 2022 4:06 PM