2022 Annual Conference - Call for Expressions of Interest in Organizing

Women in Global Health (WGH) Norway is hosted by the Centre for Global Health (CGH) at the University of Oslo (UiO). The Secretariat is calling for expressions of interest from the Norwegian landscape nationally to organize the 2022 Annual Conference for WGH Norway.  

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WGH Norway Lauch event (2018), Photo by Øystein Horgmo

After the successful 2021 Annual Conference in Trondheim focusing on critical issues in women’s health in the post-pandemic era, the WGH Norway Secretariat is announcing a new call of interest. The WGH Norway Secretariat is seeking expressions of interest from the Norwegian landscape nationally to be appointed and organize the next annual conference.

To apply, please send a letter of interest to info-cgh@helsam.uio.no by 4 March 2022.

Call of interest description 

  • format: the conference is a ½- to 1 day (hybrid) meeting to be organized in the fall of 2022 in Norway 
  • establish an organizing committee: The organizing committee is responsible for determining date, place, theme, schedule, the overall structure, content as well as selecting the speakers for the conference 
  • support from WGH Norway: The WGH Norway Secretariat will be invited to be part of the organizing committee (there is no budgetary allocation to this call) and act as a link to WGH Global. The Secretariat will communicate with speakers on behalf of the organizing committee and promote the event nationally and internationally. 
  • must include: The main priorities for WGH Norway in the year 2022 should be reflected at the annual conference  
  • self-funding: the conference will have to be based on self-funding from the participants or through a funding mechanism organized by the organizing committee 

To be considered for becoming the host of the 2022 WGH Norway Annual Conference, candidates: 

  • should be committed to taking the responsibility of organizing the annual event  
  • have an institutional system in place to handle logistics with regards to conference planning and execution 
  • have an organizational committee comprised with individuals registered as members of WGH Norway 
  • should be fluent in written and spoken English (all WGH Norway communications are conducted in English to be inclusive for all) 


Women in Global Health

Women in Global Health (WGH) is an organization built on a global movement with the largest network of women and allies working to challenge power and privilege for gender equity in health. It is a US 501(c)(3) started in 2015, which has grown to include over 60,000 supporters in 90 countries and has 40 official chapters, with a strong presence in low-and middle-income countries. The global team and its network of chapters drive change by mobilizing a diverse group of emerging women health leaders, by advocating to existing global health leaders to commit to transform their own institutions, and by holding these leaders accountable.  

WGH Norway

WGH Norway serves as an independent country chapter and, together with WGH Global and the many WGH chapters, makes up the Women in Global Health movement. WGH Norway is a national platform established to connect, mobilize, and advocate for gender equality in academia and public and private sectors of global health. The Norwegian chapter has been developed alongside a fast-growing global movement and since its inception in November 2018, WGH Norway has grown from a small group of 15-20 women to nearly 380 members (end 2021).   

As a national chapter, the Norwegian network shares the vision to achieve gender equity within global health leadership to achieve gender equity in global health, which is key for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We provide a platform for discussions and a collaborative space for leadership by facilitating specific capacity development and training, garnering support and commitment from the global community, and demanding change for gender transformative leadership.

To apply, please send a letter of interest to info-cgh@helsam.uio.no by 4 March 2022.

If you missed the 2020 or 2021 Annual Conference, the event page including the recordings can be found here:

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