Workshop: Gender based violence and sexual harassment, Myanmar

Johanne Sundby, Professor at Department for Community Medicine and Global Health and Deputy Director at the Centre for Global Health, participated in a workshop on gender based violence (GBV) and sexual harassment this month in Myanmar.

(Photo: Johanne Sundby)

On the 21.-22. November, 40 participants from all over Myanmar participated in the workshop held at University of Public Health i Yangon. The workshop focused on gender and health.

(Photo: Johanne Sundby)

During the first day there were presentations of empirical research on reproductive health in Myanmar and lectures on 'Quality of Care in reproductive health and maternal and child health' by Prof. Johanne Sundby, 'Evidence on prevalence of Gender Harassment in Asia' by Prof. Tippawan from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, and 'Gender and Gender Based Violence – policy versus research' by Prof. Thein Thein Htay.

The second day, Johanne Sundby introduced the #metoo thematic issues, followed by cross-cutting gender issues by Thein Thein Htay. This was followed by groupwork, with discussions about types of gender based violence, knowledge gaps and how to address these gaps, and how to increase awareness and initiate activities in public institutions.  

The awareness of these issues is a bit low in Myanmar, and people are shy to talk about it. However, the participants experienced the workshop as useful.

The workshop was held as a part of the MY-NORTH Project between Insitute for Health and Society, University of Oslo and University of Public Health, Yangon and other universities in both Myanmar and Thailand. One of the presenters, Aye Nyein Moe Myint is a former PhD students from this programme.

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, gender based violence, Myanmar, Global Health, Maternale and Child Health By Johanne Sundby and Nicoline Lokdam
Published Nov. 29, 2018 12:37 PM