This week's issue of the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association is presenting a portrait interview of Mette Kalager, leader of the Clinical Effectiveness Group. Kalager reveals insights about early career struggles, recent acknowledgements and aims for the future.

The Clinical Effectiveness Group is in the final round to be awarded status as a new Norwegian Centre of Excellence (SFF) 2016. In the event of an SFF-award the group will start up the Norwegian Institute of Cancer screening Evidence and Research (NICER). Watch the film about NICER!

The Clinical Effectiveness Research Group at the University of Oslo is publishing papers on clinical trials and observational research in leading medical journals. Topics of publication include cancer screening, with particular emphasis on breast cancer and colorectal cancer, endoscopy and epidemiologic methodology. 

A large portrait interview with Michael Bretthauer reveals insights about his early career in Norway, and how he had to perform a colonoscopy on a world-renowned medical researcher to convince him to join a large study on colonoscopy.