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About Hero Working Paper Series

The Hero working paper series was established in 1998 to disseminate the working papers of research associated with the Health Economic Research Program at University of Oslo.

HERO's online WP series was established in 1999 counting more than 150 papers. See all titles here.

Starting from 2008, the wp series was integrated in Health Economic Research Network at University of Oslo. The Hero WP series is listed in Swopec and Repec. The ISSN for Hero WP Series is 1501-9071(print version), 1890-1735(online version). Each Working Paper is provided with an individual ISBN identifier.

The topical focus of the WP series is Health Economics, and the WP series welcomes contributions from researchers at University of Oslo and Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor is Professor Tor Iversen, HELED, University of Oslo


Associate Professor Eline Aas, HELED, University of Oslo

Associate Professor Geir Godager, HELED, University of Oslo

Director Sverre Kittelsen, Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research

Submission procedure

To submit your manuscript for review by the editorial board, please submit your manuscript as an email attachment to the following address: 

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