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Health Economics Research Network - HERO

Health Economics Research Network at the University of Oslo, HERO, is a research network that facilitates research in health economics at the University of Oslo, Norway's oldest and largest university. The network's members include researchers in social sciences, mainly economics, and researchers from the medical profession.

About HERO

Health Economics Research Network at the University is the result of a national effort 1998-2011 with  the Norwegian Research Council as a key contributor. Currently, the network consists of about 40 affiliated researchers. Researchers from HERO participate in professional networks in Europe and USA.

HERO is a collaboration between three research units at the University:


HERO researchers participate in joint projects and professional networks in Norway, Europe and USA.

New titles in HEROs WP series

HERO's online WP series was established in 1999 counting more than 150 papers. See all titles here.

HEROs publications (WP) are available in S-WoPEc - Scandinavian Working Papers in Health Economics

Academic programmes and courses

Health economics is taught in a variety of courses and programs at the University. In addition, PhD courses are organized by the Department of Economics. Researchers from the HERO network supervise doctoral students and students at master's and bachelor's programmes. Our researchers participate in the teaching of these degree programs:

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Scientific director

Tor Iversen

Post address:

HERO / Department of Health Management and Health Economics
P.O. Box 1089 Blindern, NO-0317 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address:

Forskningsveien 3A, near to Oslo Research Park and the University Campus, Blindern.

See location on a map.