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On the concept of disease

The concept of disease is one of the most basic concepts in health care with both factual and normative aspects, and important practical implications. A disease merits scientific scrutiny, health care attention, relief from social obligations (work), justification of economic support, as well as relief from moral obligation (family).

About the project

This project is a subproject of Philosophy of medicine.


  • To analyze and clarify the normative and factual, the social and scientific, aspects of human ailment.
  • To study various dimensions of human ailment, such as illness, sickness and disease.



The project started as a PhD project funded by the Norwegian Research Council in 1998.


  • Sickness dynamicks
  • Technology and disease
  • Disease, Illness and Sickness
  • Existensial aspects of human ailment
  • Normal and natural in human and veterinary medicine (with Henrik Lerner, Linköping University)


  • UiO

Start - Finish

March 1 1998 – December 2020

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Project leader

Bjørn Hofmann