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Clinical course of patients in primary health care

The main aim of this project is to generate a database that can be used to examine profile(s) of patients and their treatment course(s) in primary care. As a first step, patients treated by physiotherapists are included. The main data collection started in 2014.

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The databases will be suitable for examining a number of questions related to primary care, including identification of prognostic factors as well as factors with an impact on the clinical course. We expect that about 5.000 patients will be included in the database by June 2015, and the data capture is planned to continue for at least another 4 years. We are also in a process of establishing collaboration with general practice to establish a database of patients treated by GPs. Collaboration with specialized health care is established to compare the primary care databases with hospital registries for low back and neck pain, as well as shoulder disorders.

The objectives for this project include to:

  • Explore clinical course and prognostic factors for patient groups in primary care
    • patients with pain in neck, lower back, shoulder or pelvic girdle
    • patients with arthritis in knee and hip
    • patients with multifactorial and complex pain conditions
    • Long-lasting (chronic) and episodic conditions
  • Explore the impact of various factors on clinical course for patients in primary care
    • factors related to intervention (mode, duration, frequency)
    • factors related to health care provider factors (additional education, clinical experience, demography etc)
  • Explore and compare clinical course and prognostic factors for treated at different health care levels or by different professions
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Project leader:

Nina K. Vøllestad


Detailed list of participants