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Health literacy in the context of psoriasis (completed)

This project will investigates the level and characteristics of health literacy in patients with psoriasis and “unpack” health literacy through the experiences of patients and health care professionals’

About the project

For persons with a chronic disease such as psoriasis it seems essential to have an adequate level of HL to obtain and understand the comprehensive health information and services needed to engage in efficient self- management and making good decisions about their own health.


The overall aim of this project is to investigate and explore health literacy in the context of psoriasis.


Health literacy (Health literacy Questionnaire) and self-management competence, disease-related quality of life, illness perception, self- management competency and self- efficacy.


Psoriasis is a common chronic skin disease that recently has been recognized as an autoimmune mediated disease. Studies show that patients with psoriasis have an increased risk of concurrent disorders, including hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (10-13) and that the patients have poorer health related quality of life than the general population Self -management is a core element of psoriasis care, in the course of which patients fulfill a significant role in the care of their disease.

Effective self-management encompasses the patient’s ability to monitor the condition and make whatever cognitive, behavioral, and emotional changes necessary to maintain a satisfactory quality of life. The strain of daily self-management has been described as demanding and difficult in psoriasis, and several studies show that patients fail to adhere to both treatment and customized lifestyle. Thus, people with psoriasis are at high risk for experiencing health literacy challenges.

There seems to be almost no knowledge about health literacy in the psoriasis population and in order to reveal essential features that might influence on patient self-management and knowledge living with such a demanding skin disease, it seems imperative to explore the health literacy concept within this population.


The study is performed in two phases:  

  • Phase 1 is a cross sectional study of the level and characteristics of health literacy in patients with psoriasis participating in Climate helio therapy and possible associations with health and self-management outcomes.
  • In phase 2, the results from phase 1 and health literacy related questions are discussed in different focus groups with multidisciplinary specialist- and community health care providers and with patients with psoriasis.


Department of Health Sciences (post-doctoral fellowship 2 years)


Section for Climate Therapy, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo

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