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Maternal Health Care for Undocumented Migrant Women in Norway

The project seek to gain knowledge about the use of health services among pregnant women without a residence permit in Norway, what maternity care they receive and the pregnancy complications and pregnancy outcomes they experience.

We do this by first looking at women`s use of the two health centres for undocumented migrants in Bergen and Oslo during pregnancy and their follow-up at three local hospitals.

Secondly we look at the use of primary care emergency services in Bergen and Oslo-

Thirdly we use register data from the Medical Birth Register to compare women without social security numbers with Norwegian-born and foreign-born with social security numbers.

The project will create a knowledge base for the future primary health care service in Norway and Norway's commitment to follow-up of the UN's sustainability goals regarding universal health care.


The project is financed by DAM Foundation through cooperation with Norwegian Women's Public Health Association.

Start - Finish

18.01.2021 – 31.12.2023

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