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Salutogenesis among patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms

To map out and to investigate different salutogenic resources among patients suffering with medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS)

About the project

Salutogenesis; generation of health, when persistent physical symptoms remain medically unexplained within the traditional pathological paradigm.


The project is based in University of Oslo (UiO), Institute for Health and Society (HELSAM), Department for general medicine, in cooperation with the Institute of psychology (UiO).

It is connected to the national thematic professional group for MUPS

The theoretical basis is A.Antonovskys theory of salutogenesis, A. Wells model for Metacognitive therapy and the Allostatic model for development of disease and illness.

The study uses both quantitative and qualitative methods.


  • Questionarie aiming to map out general resistance resources; both extrnal and internal, among people with MUPS.
  • A feasibility-study; we will investigate the utilisation of a metacognitive approach to strengthen internal resources needed to cope with MUPS.
  • In depth interviews with patients who received metacognitive therapy and their experiences with this.


Allmennmedisinsk forskningsfond (AMFF) finances the project.


Cand med and PhD candidate Ingjerd Jøssang, University of Bergen

Project leader

Ingunn Leeber, GP.,, PhD candidate


Professor dr. med. Erik Lønnmark Werner, Department for general medicine, Universitety of Oslo.

Associate professor dr. psychol and specialist of psychology, Sverre Urnes Johnson, Universitety of Oslo & Modum Bad.

Project start and finish

Started Sept. 1 st 2019. Estimated finished August 31st 2025

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