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Physiotherapy praxis and novel technologies (completed)

Within health care, eHealth is currently the subject of intense research and commercial development. This project investigates how therapist and their patients go about implementing a device, and how therapist, patient and device interact.

Photo: Kristin Ellefsen/UiO

About the project

Project title: "An electronic clinical tool in physiotherapy; a study of the implementation of novel technologies in physiotherapy".


To describe the various ways in which therapists and patients relate to and implement an  app (Infopad) for tablets. The results could inform developers, vendors and researchers on the scope of such technologies within health care.


Data generation started April 2016


This inquiry draws theoretically on the field of science and technology studies (STS). A collective feature is the assumption that science and technology are thoroughly social activities. Adhering to a view on knowledge and artefacts as situated, complex and various, enables the researcher to investigate how different types of knowledge and technological artefacts are constructed and intertwined.

Data will be generated through close observation and interviews with therapists and patients.


Start - finish


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