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Society, Health and Power (SHEP)

SHEP delivers critical and reflexive knowledge of how society, health and power are interconnected, and has an impact on how health and illness might be understood in a social, cultural and historical context. SHEP creates a bridge between disciplines and fields of research.

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The SHEP-group is committed to identifying the social and cultural frameworks that influence people's opportunities for good health and health care. We therefore also study the prerequisites and consequences of user involvement and public access to health care.

The SHEP-group’s working method is interdisciplinary, and the group consists of sociologists, intellectual historians, anthropologists, literary scientists, educators and researchers with different backgrounds in the field of health. A key objective in our work is to strengthen and further develop the theoretical and methodological aspects of critical research on health and illness.

Our main areas of research are:

  1. Cancer and cancer survivorship
  2. Ageing and death
  3. Gender, reproduction and technology
  4. Sexual and gender-based violence
  5. Medicalization
  6. Narrative approaches to illness and health
  7. Qualitative method
  8. Philosophy of science and ethics
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