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Society, Health and Power (SHEP)

This research group is grounded on a belief that health is more than a medical matter and that illness are human experiences shaped by cultural beliefs and values as well as social, political and economic conditions. Thus, our ambition is to address health and illness by a critical and interdisciplinary perspective.

About the group

We work across a range of theoretical and methodological traditions, including phenomenological approaches to illness and health, narrative approaches to illness and recovery as well as critical and/or post-structural theories related to investigate changing landscape of health and medicine. Gender runs as an important sensitizing lens through large part of our projects.

Currently some of our main research projects are related to

  • Critically exploring cancer survivorship and cancer cultures
  • Experiences of medically unexplained symptoms
  • Medicalization in the Nordic Model
  • End-of-life communication and experience
  • Obesity and weight loss surgery
  • Being carrier of rare and/or silenced diagnoses
  • Depictions of illness in literature
Tags: Nordic
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