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Maternal and reproductive health in Malawi (completed)

This is a large collaborative project between UIO and the University of Malawi. The project has an overreaching theme and individual sub-projects with Masterstudents or PhD-students in Malawi.

Mother and child in Malawi. Photo: Johanne Sundby


The reason for setting up the project was Malawi's continued high maternal and newborn mortality, maternal HIV, and other poor reproductive outcomes.

The aim was to enable Malawian practicioners and teachers in reproductive health to document root causes of the problems encountered by pregnant women and women of reproductive age. The project had an explicit gender agenda.

The sub-aim was also to build formal research capacity at mphil and PhD level in Malawi. The project has also had another aim around research on health information systems on maternal health, with Dep. of Informatics, UIO


  • Harvesting results from Norwegian-Malawian research collaboration in reproductive Health
  • Publications


Multi method studies involving quality of care, social science and epidemiology.


  • Organizing maternal care in Northern Malawi (Lillian Chirwa)
  • Youth and Family Planning in Mangochi (Austrida Gondwe)
  • Infant feeding in Mangochi (Penjani Kamudoni)
  • Maternal dignity and maternal care (Lucy Chingwenembe)
  • Why do pregnant women not deliver in health facilities? (Line Seljeskog, Jane Chimgonda)
  • The use of the partograph during delivery (Margaret Khonje)
  • Why do women opt out of PMTCT programs? (Jacqueline Chinkonde)
  • Hiv related stigma – maternal HIV. Viva c. Thorsen
  • Hypertension care in rural maternities (Josephine Changole)
  • Emergency obstetric care (Elizabeth Chodadza)


  • Viva C. Thorsen: Maternal mortality at Lilongwe referral hospital. An in depth study od the magnitude and contributing factors of all maternal deaths occuring in the largest hospitals. Study of documentation at hospital, plus interviews with relatives and staff in communities.
  • Jacqueline Chinkonde Nkhoma: In depth qualitative study on the various policies and programs that addressed the dilemmas of HIV infected mothers and their choices regarding infant feeding.
  • Belinda Gombachicka: Followed HIV individuals and couples in their life after becoming diagnosed with HIV
  • Lucy Kululanga: Male involvement in maternal care
  • Lily Kumbani: A study on newborn and neo-natal care in Malawi


  • First NUFU grant (4 years)
  • Second NUFU grant (4 years)
  • NFR Research Grant
  • Quota students
  • NORAD fellowship students
  • NUFU Gender Grant (four years)


  • University of Malawi

Start - Finish

  • 2003 - 2014
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