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Prognostic factors for shoulder pain (completed)

Biomechanical factors have for a long time been the main focus in the assessment and treatment of shoulder pain. Increased knowledge according to social- and psychological factors may contribute to better information and treatment for this patient group.

Woman with shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a major musculoskeletal problem. We want to identify which patients and clinical characteristics are associated with a better outcome. Photo: Colourbox


The aim is to describe and compare the clinical course and prognostic factors in two cohorts whereas one is recruited in primary care and the other one in the specialist health care.

  1. Do patients treated in primary care have better prognosis than those referred specialist health care?
  2. Do those with long- lasting pain benefit more from treatment in specialist health care rather than to continue treatment in primary care?


Shoulder pain is a major problem and the third most commonly reported location of musculoskeletal pain. Studies show that surgical treatment does not have a better effect than supervised exercise (physical therapy) for the most common atraumatic diagnostic groups. Some patients have long lasting pain. Previous reviews highlight the need for studies to investigate biopsychosocial variables as potential prognostic factors.

Increased knowledge about prognostic factors may contribute to better information and justification for the choice of treatment. This may provide better classification, help the choice of treatment in primary care, and also the referral to specialist health care. We therefore want to include two cohorts one recruited in the primary care and the other in the specialist health care and compare the groups according to different variables. The cohorts will be followed for a year.

The data collection is ongoing.



  • Oslo university hospital
  • NTNU

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2015 - 2018

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