Transitions of care after Traumatic Brain Injury


The main objective is to review current practices and to identify factors that determine transition of care and outcomes following acute hospitalization for TBI.


Consortium of researchers from Finland, UK, Slovakia and France from “Work Package 14: Transitions of care and post-acute care after TBI” of the European multicentre study on the CENTER-TBI project (Collaborative European Neuro Trauma Effectiveness Research in TBI).


Published Apr. 13, 2018 3:10 PM - Last modified Feb. 17, 2020 10:34 AM


Principal Investigator:

Nada Andelic 


  • Cecilie Røe
  • Nada Hadzic-Andelic
  • Cathrine Buaas Tverdal
  • Emilie I. Howe
  • Helen Dawes, UK
  • Ida Borgen
  • Jukka Ranta, Finland
  • Marek Majdan, Slovakia
  • Martin Rusnak, Slovakia
  • Olli Tenovuo, Finland
  • Patrick Esser, UK
  • Philippe Azouvi, France
Detailed list of participants