The main aim of the research school  is to develop and strengthen capacity for research training for PhD candidates in general practice.


The specific aims of the research school are:

  • To secure a new generation of well qualified researchers in general practice, both for the general practice university units and for the primary health care sector
  • To foster an excellent international standard of general practice research training in Norway
  • To advance a creative and sustainable environment for general practice research in Norway
  • To create a national environment for theory and research methods development suitable for exploring specific medical problems in the general practice setting
  • To stimulate general practice PhD candidate mobility nationally and internationally
  • To facilitate both multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration

Courses and seminars

In the Norwegian context, the educational part of a PhD training corresponds to 30 study points according to the European Credit Transfer and accumulation System (ECTS), out of which 10 points are made up by mandatory courses while the remaining educational credit may be earned by participation in various optional, however, approved, activities.

The courses provided by The research school in general practice should be regarded as complementary to the mandatory PhD courses organized within the different medical faculties and will establish a menu of teaching and learning activities counting as parts of the optional PhD program.

The courses will focus on particular relevant knowledge and skills needed for doing research in the primary health care sector.

Seminars and special workshops will complement the courses and facilitate the process of networking.


The National Research School in general Practice is funded by The Research Council of Norway. The research school is led by  the steering committee, consisting of members from each of the participating sites (UiO, UiB, UNI Health, NTNU and UiT), an international member and a PhD candidate representative .

The administration of the research school will be hosted at the Department of General Practice, Institute of Health and Society at the University of Oslo. The administration will organize admittance to the school and do the day-to-day administrative course management  as well as national responsibility for economy. The central administration will also be responsible for running the school’s website.

  • Leader and administrative coordinator in Oslo
  • 10%  scientific manager at AFE Bergen (Uni Health), NTNU and UiT.


Administrative Support

Siri Evju Janssen

Scientific leader

Anja Brænd

Visiting Address

Fredrik Holsts hus

Postal Address

Postboks 1130 Blindern

0318 Oslo

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