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  • colourbox9164947-660 Women have healthier fat than men Feb. 14, 2019

    Women's fat has a more active metabolism, but this effect disappears later in life.

  • sullivan-labphoto-lothe-660w2 Gets 250.000 US$ to grow ethical meat in the lab Feb. 12, 2019

    Gareth Sullivan and his research group has been selected as one of the academic communities that will help solve the challenges of growing environmentally friendly and ethical meat at an affordable price. For good measure, they may also save endangered species of animals. The news was published in Nature on 6 February.


28 Mar.
8:30 AM, HumSam Biblioteket i Georg Sverdrups Hus

In this edition of the PhD (and Postdoc :) ) Breakfast Club, we are discussing how to use outreach to boost your academic career. Free Breakfast included so sign up below. Start your day well!

28 Mar.
2:30 PM, Domus Medica, Nye Auditorium 13

Speaker: Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Professor, Institute of Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology, Fafulty of Medicine, LMU Munich, Germany.

03 Apr.
5:30 PM, Escape Cafe, Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Gaustadalléen 23 B, 0373 Oslo

A chance to meet PhDs, Postdocs and other temporary researchers across the university! UiODoc is pleased to invite you to a public screening of "Dr Strangelove" and a social with FREE PIZZA (sign up below). Please come along and mingle!