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  • Local procedures at IMB for a controlled reopening of Domus Medica May 19, 2020

    These routines apply to all employees and affiliates at IMB with a workplace at Domus Medica, and for students with permit working in laboratories. The routines also applies to all visitors.

    Valid from 18th May and edited June 30th, valid up to and including 31st August 2020 or until the IMB management issues new regulations.

  • colourbox-wall-660 Overzealous cell membrane guardians could increase the risk of cancer July 10, 2020

    Researchers at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital have discovered how destructive changes occur in our genome. This could lead to cancer. Their results have been published in the journal Nature Cell Biology.


04 Nov.
1:00 PM, Zoom!

Women Researchers in Informatics (WRI) in collaboration with UiODoc are hosting the webinar Preparation for Academic Jobs after PhD. The webinar will be an informative series of talks providing attending PhDs and PostDocs with the means to prepare themselves for interviews for the next positions within academia and beyond. You will also learn about the evaluation process for postdoc and faculty positions, including the interview phase. The webinar consists of two talks and a panel discussion with space for the participants to ask questions.

11 Nov.
4:00 PM, Zoom

MSc Laura Bojarskaite at Deparment of Molecular Medicine will give a trial lecture on the given topic: The role of innate immunity in neurodegenerative diseases.

11 Nov.
6:00 PM, Zoom

MSc Laura Bojarskaite at Deparment of Molecular Medicine will be defending the thesis “Roles of Astrocytes in Sleep and Brain Waste Clearance” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor).