KBS and the Norwegian Food Composition Table

The KBS software (Kostberegningssystem) has been developed over several decades by members of our group, and is a key tool for food and nutrient calculations at the Department of Nutrition. In collaboration with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Institute of Public Health we update and publish a new edition of the Norwegian food composition database every year ( 


We have cooperated closely with the Department of Community, UiT The Arctic University of Norway on the development and evaluation of the dietary assessment methods and the food and nutrient calculation program used in the Norwegian Women and Cancer study (NOWAC) (Hjartåker et al. 1997, Parr et al. 2006, Hjartåker 2007, Hjartåker et al. 2007, Parr et al. 2008). The food frequency questionnaires have been completed by nearly 100,000 women. We have written and co-authored several methodological and analytical papers on the NOWAC data.


We have participated in the data collection in EPIC-Norway, and have co-authored a number of papers from the EPIC study (e.g. Hjartåker et al. 2002, Skeie et a.l 2009, Deschasaux et al. 2016).


For published achievements, see Publications.

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