The research of this team has been based mainly on two unique national cohorts of first-year or last-year medical students, altogether 1000 subjects. The cohorts have been followed from 1993/94 over 15 years of their medical career (The Longitudinal Study of Norwegian Medical Students and Doctors). We have also studied nationwide samples of police and ambulance officers. This has resulted in 63 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Strengths include a culture of excellent supervision of juniors with actively co-authoring seniors. We have achieved statistical expertise in analyzing of longitudinal data by means of Mixed Model repeated measures and General Estimated Equations. We have for the last decade been a leading group in the international field of health and well-being among medical students and physicians. In 2005 Rosvold and Tyssen wrote an invited editorial in The Lancet. In a special issue on physician health of British Medical Journal in 2008 we published the only European original article (Isaksson Rø et al).

Professor Tyssen has been invited as one of two keynote speakers to the first international conference on Physician Health in Sydney 2007; as the only Non-American to a Summit on Physician Well-being at Mayo Clinic, 2008; and to give a plenary at Institute of Psychiatry, London, September 2010.

In June 2010 our research group arranged a Workshop with 25 national and international top experts in this field in Oslo, with participants from Canada (UBC), USA (Mayo Clinic), London (University College), Basel, Stockholm (Karolinska Institutet), Netherlands, Finland and Germany. This event established the impression of our group as leading in this field.

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