We investigate the mechanisms of lymphocytes-specific uptake and metabolism of Glucose and Glutamine.

We wish to understand how these mechanisms are regulated  by the level of oxygen, to what extent they are regulated by PKA, and if targeting these mechanisms can be used to regulate obesity associated inflammation according to the following objectives;

1)    Investigate lymphocyte Glucose and Glutamine metabolism at hypoxia and normoxia.
2)    Is lymphocyte Glucose and Glutamine uptake and metabolism regulated by PKA?
3)    Use PKA transgenic mice to investigate if PKA regulate obesity-induced systemic inflammation?
4)    Can targeting lymphocyte uptake and metabolism of Glucose and Glutamine metabolism be used to dampen obesity associated inflammation? 

Published Apr. 4, 2011 2:04 PM - Last modified Dec. 23, 2015 1:11 PM