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Optimal value increase of egg products (OPTIEgg-study)

The overall objective  is to utilize the whole egg in a better manner.


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About the project

The OPTIEgg-study is a cooperation between several scientific- and industrial partners: Nofima (WP2 leader), NMBU, UiO, Nortura (project owner), Norilia, Orkla Foods Norway and Danæg. 

The University of Oslo is responsible for the clinical intervention in WP2. We want to include healthy, home-dwelling men and women ≥ 70 years, whom are not allergic to egg, to a randomized controlled trial that is designed as a pilot study.  The intervention group will be provided with protein powder from eggshell membrane taken as supplement (capsule), while the control group will be provided with placebo capsules for 4 weeks.

Recruitment will begin in October 2020. The project period is over in December 2021.


The objective for the pilot intervention study (UiO responsible partner) is to evaluate if daily intake of protein powder from eggshell membrane taken as supplement (capsule), will reduce markers of inflammation in healthy home-dwelling elderly.


The primary outcome in the pilot intervention study is changes between the groups in circulation levels of CRP and TNFa


An egg consists of yolk, egg white, eggshell and eggshell membrane. Eggshell and eggshell membrane are normally not consumed and regarded as bi-products. It is desirable to investigate whether these bi-products can be used in a greater manner, both in a sustainable and health perspective

Inflammation is part of the normal repair of healing. However; a prolonged response can be damaging. One of the features of aging is a low-grade chronic inflammation. Elevated levels of inflammatory markers are associated with loss of muscle mass, strength and function, as well as a number of age-related diseases. Intake of eggshell membrane has been demonstrated to have positive effects on immune cells in animal models.


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  • Nofima
  • Nortura
  • Norilia
  • NMBU
  • Orkla
  • Danægg
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