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The subject committee for Nutrition

The subject committee works with academic and social issues for Nutrition students.

The subject committee for Nutrition consists of 10 representatives (two from years 1–4), who are elected every semester.

We on the Nutrition subject committee work with academic and social issues. Our academic work includes inviting lecturers to talk about relevant and exciting nutrition-related topics twice a semester. We are also represented on the department board and programme board of the Department of Nutrition. This gives us the opportunity to gain an understanding of relevant cases that are brought up on these boards, and to provide input and proposals from students.

On the social level, we organize one party per semester, and a porridge evening with a quiz close to Christmas. We also help organize the 1st semester student christening.

Head: Hanna Skorstad Vetlesen

Deputy head: Katrine Pettersen 

Secretary: Astrid Riseth Andersen

Seminar: Ida Marie HolmSynne Kollstad og Emilie Sandberg

Social: Emilie Syse JallandJulie Glimsdal og Lina Landsnes

Kitchen: Maria Maseng

Reading room: Anna Lillehammer Bakka

Financial: Anna Lena Hansen

Student representatives

Student representative, council for professional education in nutrition: Hanna Skorstad Vetlesen og Astrid Riseth Andersen

Student representative Medical Subject Committee (MFU) and Admissions Committee: Hanna Skorstad Vetlesen 

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