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Department of Neurohabilitation

We provide medical services for various patient groups;

  • epilepsy
  • intellectual disability
  • autism
  • cerebral palsy
  • genetic muscle disorders
  • other neurodevelopmental disorders

We are an outpatient clinic, but visit patients in their communal dwellings if necessary.  Patients are adults (18 years or older).

We conduct research into the following areas:

  • The use of sensors for the detection of heart rate, respiratory rate and other physiologic parameters in non-verbal persons to identify pain and distress
  • The provision of healthcare services to persons with genetic muscle disorders
  • The use of electronic devices to improve the organization of the daily life of persons with intellectual disability
  • Biochemical aspects of diseases that can cause intellectual disability or another kind of cognitive failure (brain infections, brain tumors, some metabolic diseases)




Postal address Postboks 4956 Nydalen, OUS, Ullevål, 0424 Oslo Visiting address Kirkeveien 166 OUS Ullevål 0450 Oslo

Unit codes

Cost center 13155025 Purchasing, finance, salary and more Old unit ID 534214 Vortex, FS and more