The Institute of Clinical Medicine (Klinmed) is one out of three institutes at the Faculty of Medicine.

We are responsible for the Faculty's educational and research activities within clinical diciplines, working in close collaboration with Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital.

A diverse institute

With about 800 employees spread over approximately 450 man-labour years, Klinmed is the university's largest institute. Our activities reflect the clinical activity at the hospitals and are spread across a number of geographical areas. The organization has three formal levels: institute, division and department.

Interrelationship with the university hospitals

The close interrelationship with the two university hospitals characterises the Institute. A large percentage of our employees have combined positions at the university and the university hospitals.

Advisory bodies

There are two advisory bodies at the institute, The Institute Council and Forskningslederforum (in Norwegian).

Cooperation agreements

The cooperation with the university hospitals are regulated by the respective agreements between the institutions.

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