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A sudden loss of a parent may have consequences later in life

Children, who experience a sudden loss of a parent due to an accident, murder, or suicide, have a larger risk of problems later in life, according to a new study. According to researcher Lisa Victoria Burrell, “these children need more than just an open door”.

Lisa Victoria Burrell investigated how children are affected by a sudden loss of a parent, after an accident, murder, or suicide.

“Children are often called the forgotten left behinds, since they may have problems expressing their grief, and because they often do not experience sufficient help and follow-up,” Burrell says.

She examined how such a loss before turning 18 years old may affect school attendance, the risk of psychiatric disease, and the risk of self-harm or suicide attempt.

Crisis support

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Other Norwegian resources

The VIVAT program is an education program in suicide prevention for health personnel, established in 2001.

The organization LEVE (Landsforeningen for etterlatte ved selvmord), has provided support in the aftermath of suicide since 1999. Visit them at