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The journal Suicidologi

Suicidologi is the only scientific journal on suicide research and prevention in the Nordic region

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Suicidologi is the only scientific journal in this field in the Nordic region

  • About 5000 subscribers working in research, clinical practice and prevention

  • Primary readership is health care professionals and other personnel who are interested in suicidal behaviour and its prevention (for instance priests, police, public health service nurses, child welfare, social workers.)

  • Publishes both in English and in the Nordic languages from the breadth of all disciplines in suicide research and prevention:

    • Research-based knowledge relevant for practice

    • Empirical studies from the field of suicide research

    • Experience-based articles from different professions

    • Information about suicide prevention efforts and projects

    • Book reviews and conference reviews

  • The journal is released both in print and online

A peer reviewed journal published since 1996, 3 issues a year

Suicidologi is also an important information resource for decision makers on many levels in Norway. When the journal started out in 1996 it was launched as a part of the National strategy for suicide prevention. Suicidologi has since then been released on a regular basis and is part of a national commitment to suicide prevention.

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