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Acute Medicine Research Group

We conduct research within clinical studies of acute poisonings, in particular regarding epidemiology, treatment, complications and prognosis.

Several cohorts from the city of Oslo are followed up to 30 years regarding mortality. In addition the group is involved in several international studies, particularly concerning methanol poisonings.

Studies of suicidal behaviour is mainly focused on acute poisonings, intervention studies and the reliability of the suicide statistics in Scandinavia.

As to psychotraumatology we mainly focus on psychosocial problems after serious accidents or illness as well as after mass disasters and terror acts.

In addition, sympathetic reactivity in relation to high blood pressure and coronary heart disease is a major focus.

Selected publications

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  • Gravensteen IK, Helgadóttir LB, Jacobsen EM, Rådestad I, Sandset PM, Ekeberg O (2013). Women's experiences in relation to stillbirth and risk factors for long-term post-traumatic stress symptoms: a retrospective study. BMJ Open, 3 (10), e003323
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Group leader


  • Øivind Ekeberg
  • Dag Jacobsen
  • Odd Martin Vallersnes
  • Knut Erik Hovda
  • Fridtjof Heyerdahl
  • Laila Skogstad
  • Tine Grimholt
  • Hilde Myhren
  • Mari Asphjell Bjørnaas
  • Kirsti Tøien
  • Ida Gravensteen
  • Karen Hunting Tollisen
  • Ingvild Tøllefsen
  • Per Sverre Persett
  • Cathrine Lund
  • Espen Rostrup Nakstad
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